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From the last article I wrote about mobile phone shells, you may be able to see that I am very perfectionist. When I go out, I not only need to match my mobile phone case, but also my watch strap. It's really a very troublesome thing for me!! So, I really don't like going out.

About the need for mobile phone shell to match clothes, some people will likely think that I am very strange! So, I have to wonder all the time.

Today, I want to share my apple watch strap with you.

Naturally, it needs to be well-matched with clothes, just like the mobile phone shell! But I don't have a lot of apple watch straps. I want to try all kinds of materials and styles! So I bought someone after another.


I was tired of wearing the original watch strap just a few days after I bought this Apple Watch. Moreover, the same color as the band makes me feel that it often does not match the clothes I wear when I go out. So, the number of times I wear apple watch is closely related to the clothes I wear when I go out that day. It also made me wonder why I had to pay for this! And the dial I bought was 42mm. Before, I wanted to buy a more significant compass, but later found that this size is a little too big for me! Moreover, the original strap is extensive, which makes it very heavy to wear on the hand.


I went to the official website to see the price of the watch strap, which frightened me, which also made me give up the impulse to buy another watch strap. But later, I don't think it's necessary to buy the original. My choice criterion is that the color is good. Therefore, I silently opened Taobao! I purchased two straps in a flash! These watchbands are also inexpensive and of good quality. I especially like the bright red ones! I was so happy with it that I went out to play! I also feel good about the leather strap, but it's a little unsuitable for summer use because it's easy to sweat on my hands!


However, it is undeniable that the cortical strap looks more textural! This is a brown strap purchased with a red band. I like it very much, but because my wrist is too thin, it leads me to buckle the strap hole into the innermost ring. It's still a bit lost, but it's OK! For me, as long as it looks good, my requirements are not very high, lol.


Then I started with this elecom black leather strap with white stitches, which I didn't touch at all. Previously, I bought watches with stitches on them, but there was a tingling sensation of friction. But elecom watch strap will not feel the sting of conflict at all, the leather is perfect, its workmanship is excellent, I think this watch strap is not worse than the leather strap I bought on the official website, but its price is a fraction of the price of the official website, its cost-effective ratio is very high!


Previously, when I was planning to go to Shanghai Disneyland with my girlfriend, I started this Minnie's watch strap. At that time, I was very surprised to see this watch band. This watch band is really cute! But I bought the wrong dial size, which made Minnie's protective jacket impossible to wear! This made Minnie feel less lovely without her ears, but later on, I thought that I would not take the protective sheath out of the house every day, so it would not be so entangled! I still think this watch strap is very cute.


The pattern on this watch band is Fuji Mountain and two cranes in Japan. It has the same style as a mobile phone case I sent you before, and I like this design very much. I like cranes very much. In my opinion, cranes are more beautiful than those flamingos which are pure red.


This watch strap looks like denim, doesn't it? However, in fact, this strap is also a cortical, more retro feeling. Before, I thought this kind of watch strap belonged to sports style, so I bought it, but I didn't expect it to be leather, because I didn't have such a watch strap, so I stayed.


Cortical straps are good though! But when I sweat a lot, sweat stains will appear on the back of the watch strap, which makes me feel very ugly! Therefore, I think we should avoid wearing cortical punctuation as much as possible when exercising. At the same time, the summer weather is hot, the temperature is relatively high, the cortical band also makes people feel very stuffy. I recommend wearing nylon or metal straps during exercise and summer. However, the metal strap will be a little heavier! I bought this rainbow-colored watch strap for a long time. Before, I saw pictures on Taobao that were very beautiful and suitable for summer. Its color was very gorgeous, but later I found it difficult to match clothes, so this strap was left unused by me.


I like the black and red color, so this strap is only second to elecom's black leather strap. Although nylon feels cheaper than the cortex, it feels refreshing and non-sticky. Moreover, this strap uses the design of magic stickers, which makes me feel wrong. It's always convenient.



I have four metal straps. I think metal straps are more demanding for workmanship because metal straps can obviously feel the difference in comfort when they are worn on hands. I hardly wear a metal watch strap in winter because it's too cold. However, for other seasons, the advantages of metal straps are apparent. The unique luster on the metal watch band is beyond the performance of different materials! It's beautiful!


My favorite is the rose gold band. I think the color of this band is lovely, and it's very similar to the color of the XS I just bought. Usually, when I go out wearing it, I will replace my mobile phone with a transparent cell phone shell! It goes well with my iPhone XS! LOL.


I haven't worn this strap since I bought it. When I just repurchased it, I thought it wasn't the silver I had imagined. But it had a small drainage drill. I thought it looked good, but when I wanted to wear it, I realized that if I wanted to shorten the strap, I had to remove it. Drop the part with the water drill! In other words, when my tiny wrist can be pulled apart, it's only silver! If that's the case, I'll sell pure metal directly. Why do I buy a water drill? Who is the designer of this watch strap? Call this designer over, and I promise I won't kill him! So, the strap was left unused by me, and I never took it apart.


I like this black strap very much. It's a hollow strap, but it's made of hard material. The two chains below are used to adjust the length of the band. But it may be troublesome to adjust the length of the strap, but it's not too annoying and has no effect. With this watch strap, I feel the excellent texture, weight is not light, does not belong to those very light and poor quality materials, and its hollow polishing is also perfect, not rough at all, outstanding workmanship.


That's almost all my watch straps! Occasionally I still can't choose which strap to wear. LOL, people with obsessive-compulsive disorder really can't! This is the same as saying that a girl's wardrobe is always short of one piece of clothes. Not only will I ever be short of a suitable dress, but I will always be short of a proper watch strap. Forwarding Koi Xin Xiaodao, I hope I can make a fortune overnight, and then buy crazy ah! Let's talk about it. If you like it, you might as well add a compliment to your comments. Let me think about what I want to share with you next time.

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